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“Dr. Kayla was able to see Duke the day after his injury!  I couldn't be more grateful for her level of care she has provided enabling my corgi to get back to feeling like himself!  She is professional, compassionate, and has a great way of putting her patients at ease."

-Lindsey M.

“Dr. Richer is wonderful!. She solved my shoulder problem within 5 treatments. She is professional, caring, and as sweet as can be. She goes out of her way to serve, even coming to my home before she had her office. She is a true professional with humans and I'm sure she is with the animals she sees."


“Dr. Kayla is amazing! My problem spots are getting better with every adjustment. My husband has been partially deaf in one ear from the military, and she fixed it on the first session. He had never been to a Chiropractor before and he's a believer now! Dr. Kayla also adjusts my working K9 and keeps her in tip top shape!"


“Dr. Kayla was really good to me. She is knowledgeable and easy to talk to, and she listens to her patients. I was visiting in the area for about a month and needed some help with a long-term problem.  She also has a great website where you can schedule appointments and do your medical history paperwork for a new patient. I'm an old guy, and I found it easy to use."


To write your own review or read more from other happy clients, head over to Google or the Healthy Gait Facebook page!

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